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In this series of vlogs, we explore how Lionbridge Games brings Asian titles to the critical U.S. market and beyond. Learn how our seamless services pipeline can free up your team to do what they do best - create great content.

Whether you are looking for point solutions or an integrated package of services, Lionbridge Games delivers a gaming and audio experience that will resonate with local players and help ensure the success of your game in every market from East to West.

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Discover Lionbridge Games East to West

In the first vlog of our East to West series, we introduce you to our integrated services pipeline and to some of our global production leaders.

East to West Episode List

Global launches are difficult. Need help beating that boss and leveling up? Our insider tips can help. 

Translation and Culturalization from East to West

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Audio and Voice Recording from East to West

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Localization Quality Testing from East to West

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Integrated Services from East to West

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Tell us more about your project and how we can help you bring your game to the U.S. market and beyond.

Featured Studio

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Rocket Sound

Check out Rocket Sound, the cutting-edge studio behind a host of major Asian game audio localizations and original version content for the U.S. market.

Play to Win

Your Global Partner

As one of the largest providers of localization and testing services to the games industry, Lionbridge Games has the global reach and scale to achieve your ambitions in the Americas and Europe.

Local Contacts

With offices throughout Asia, you can interact directly with production and business teams in your time zone and in your language.

Recreate for the U.S. and Prepare for the World

The experience of our West Coast team in original game audio creation takes the U.S. version beyond localization into a true recreation for the American marketing – and their experience means projects are prepped for languages downstream.

Consistent Process and Quality

With shared processes and technology platforms, you can be sure that all your target languages are localized to the same high standards, and within your timeline.

Full Spectrum Services

Get all the services you need to support your game release to global players from a single integrated team that knows your IP inside out.

Solutions to Fit your Needs

Whether your production needs allow for pivot languages and lab-based localization quality assurance, or you need fast turnaround for daily release cycles, we can provide a solution to match your requirements.


Game Translation

You can trust our teams of translators and reviewers to localize your games into English and 40+ additional core languages, across all genres.

Game Audio

Create unique voiceovers and deliver top-quality, high-fidelity dialogues to players worldwide by leveraging our network of studios in every key market.

Game Localization Testing

U.S. and European players expect games of the highest quality. Beat your competition and create bug-free experiences by relying on our battle-hardened global localization testing teams located in all key gaming markets and virtually.

Narrative Design & Culturalization

Our narrative design team helps project the core emotional elements of your game and reduces the risks when crossing cultural borders. Let us document your design vision, help your content “pop” with local audiences, and ensure your game is in line with local sensitivities.

Player Experience

Harness the power of our global crowd of gamers to collect players’ feedback, test your infrastructure early, and create an outstanding post-launch experience for global players.

Marketing for Games

Power up your global marketing impact and customer outreach with our marketing suite of website, campaign, and media localization, transcreation, and adaptation services.

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Our global studio network helps customers create amazing voiceovers and bring them to gamers around the world.

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