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For over a decade, Lionbridge Games has worked with IP developers and publishers like you to bring stories from every continent to audiences around the world. Our teams of producers, narrative designers, terminologists, translators, editors and testers help you delight and connect with gamers, whatever the genre or platform. On time, on budget.

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Narrative Design and Culturalization

Nothing quite has the emotional impact of great voice acting. For original or localized voice audio, our narrative design team helps project the core emotional elements of your game through the creation of narrative assets like story bibles, mythologies, and character bios. Our writing team ensures your scripts deliver in every line of audio, in every target language, for every kind of gamer.

Script Translation and Adaptation

Our script doctors prepare content after the source audio is available to ensure that great translation is also great dialogue. They make sure the translation meets the timing and sync requirements for a smooth studio experience. 

Glossary and Style Guide Creation

Our terminology and style guides ensure content is faithful to the original creative intention and adapted to the local audience in each market. As needed, our experts work closely with in-country gamer communities and in-market studio teams to make sure the translation conveys the original’s emotional relevance. 

In-Game Content Translation

Telling your story to diverse global audiences and conveying the emotions, humor and passions you intended in the original is an art. Lionbridge Games unites creative games translation teams with enterprise-scale technology, engineering and governance.

Out-of-Game Content Translation

Games require connected content to be commercialized in a market and via a particular channel, including metadata, legal content and marketing. Lionbridge producers create solutions that ensure the compliance and visibility of your game in your market and channel.  

Smart MT™ Options

Lionbridge Smart MT™ gives your game translation superpowers with the ability to localize everything for all your markets. We combine world-class Neural Machine Translation (NMT) services with a passion for everything games.

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English as a Pivot Language: Going Out of Style or An Eternal Classic?

Traditionally, translation has used English as a pivot language to switch from the source language to the target language. But is that the most efficient system for games audio recording?

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Content Localization, 24/7

Our localization teams and thousands of expert partners around the world translate and adapt your content day in, day out to satisfy gamers’ appetites for new stories, characters, missions and worlds. 

Technology Optimized for Efficiency and Speed

Our technology solutions help our teams with cost control, scalability and deadline management. We innovate every day across our services to help you manage the growing constraints of global publishing teams.

High Touch, Global Scale

As one of the largest language service providers in the world, Lionbridge understands that customers need a partner that provides more than the deliverables. Lionbridge Games has the scale and global reach to achieve your ambitions while maintaining a high-touch and customized experience. 


Our global studio network helps customers bring exceptional gaming experiences to players around the world.

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