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We help you capture real-time insights, create a global digital presence and connect with gamers day in, day out. Our teams of writers, translators, editors, SEO experts, campaign managers and social media listeners help convey the power of your brand and emotion of your game to your base of players worldwide. 

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Trailer Localization

Produce localized voice overs, subtitling and edited images for games trailers, promotions and other short form video content. 

Website Localization

Your website is one of your most valuable assets and the hub of your online brand. We make sure your message resonates with gamers around the world and beyond, from their very first interaction.  

In-Game Marketing

Enable continuous translation services for emotive in-game marketing content and messaging that drive in-game purchases. 

Metadata Localization

Make your content, game or app globally discoverable with precise metadata localization, including product descriptions, reviews, screenshots, policies, ratings, search keywords, product requirements and more. 

Campaign Management

Transcreate, optimize, deliver and track marketing campaigns in key markets across all channels. 

Global Social and Community Management

Stay in close touch with your gamers’ thoughts and concerns with our sentiment analysis and community moderation services

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Let the Games Begin

It’s an exciting time for Lionbridge Gaming—and no one is more thrilled for the opportunities ahead than Tugdual Delisle, LG General Manager in this Q & A.

Play to Win

Global Brand Guardians

Our marketing teams work to understand your brand and make sure it is passionately conveyed across all digital channels, including web, social and campaigns. 

Global Content Continuum

Your content and media will be localized and produced 24/7 by our translation and creative teams around the world to provide gamers worldwide with timely critical product information and updates.

Cultural Insights

With us, your global marketing strategy will always be driven by insights gathered by our in-market marketing research, social media listening, community moderation and localization experts.  


Our global studio network helps customers bring exceptional gaming experiences to players around the world.

Paris, France
Berlin, Germany
Barcelona, Spain
Warsaw, Poland
Milan, Italy
Los Angeles, USA
Bellevue, United States
Montreal, Canada
São Paulo, Brazil
Mexico City, Mexico
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Beijing, China
Bangkok, Thailand

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