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Exclusive Services for Game Developers

Calling all game developers!

We’re thrilled to team up with Unreal Engine to offer exclusive Lionbridge services for Unreal Engine Developers.

As a developer, your sweet spot is creativity. You know how to create immersive experiences that transport gamers to other realms, keep them entertained, and keep them coming back for more.

But the business of game development is about so much more. And, just like your partners at Unreal Engine, we’re here to help you succeed as you bring your games to new fans in new markets—more quickly, more easily, and more successfully.

We offer game developers our full suite of end-to-end services: from narrative design to testing to localization and global marketing services. Enlisting our team of experts means you don’t have to worry about any loss of creativity, nuance, or function—even when bringing your product to new gamers with new motivations in new markets.

“Widening the potential player base through compelling and creative localization is an essential business and development skill for UE4 developers, so we’re delighted to recommend Lionbridge to the community. Their breadth and depth of services make them a perfect ally for our developers,” commented Mike Gamble, Head of Game Licensing, EMEA, Epic Games.

When you work with Lionbridge, you’ll benefit from our:

1. Speed

We get your games into the hands of hungry users faster. Our cloud-based production reduces time, defects, and costs while optimizing global audio studio capacity. Moreover, our network of interconnected labs and studios, including 11 enterprise-owned and 15 partner locations, spans the globe, allowing us to offer real-time, follow-the-sun support for developers in every market and every time zone.

2. Scale

Lionbridge is a world leader in globalization and localization services. We benefit (and you will, too) from a team of 6,000 full-time global lions and a network of hundreds of thousands of cloud-based workers with linguistic and game-specific expertise. By partnering with Lionbridge, you partner with our global localization, marketing, community, and test teams, which can help you create unique connections with gamers in the most remote corners of the world.

3. Experience

Lionbridge has successfully completed more than 2,500 game localization and testing projects for some of the best-respected companies in the industry, including Microsoft, Bandai, and Nexon. Our team comprises passionate gamers who understand your world and have the expertise and experience to bring your message to life in more places, more quickly.

We can support localization, testing, and marketing services in 350+ languages and thousands of dialects. When you work with Lionbridge, the entire world is at your fingertips.

4. Value-Additive Approach

We offer services to developers at every step on their path to success:

Narrative Design | Global Adaptation | Localization | Global Audio Production | Localization Testing | Functional Testing | Community Management and Player Support | Global Marketing Services

Our model allows you to add more value the earlier you engage us. Creating the highest-quality, most immersive experience for global players necessitates a deep understanding of gamers’ linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences. The more closely you work with us, the better and more quickly we understand the nuances that make your games and your gamers special.

We hope you’re interested in learning more. Find out how we can help you succeed here.

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