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Player Centricity: The Role of Players in Game Development from the Very Start

How do you prepare a game for the realities of release? You need testers who can play before the players in the wide world of games get to try it. Build your player community by accessing ours.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Video Game Localization

Games localization has come a long way — and it continues to evolve today. Learn how Culturalization is changing the way we bring games to global audiences.

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Diverse Representation in Audio for Games

Authentic characters in games require authentic voices. Recently, Lionbridge has been tasked with recording broader selections of languages and identities. We are proud to provide diverse voice talents to help your games be as true to life as possible.

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Lionbridge Games 10th Anniversary Logo

Mastering the Game: 10 Years of Globalization with Lionbridge Games

Lionbridge Games is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and we want you to join us! Check out the infographic to learn where we came from and where we're headed next.

Lionbridge Games’ Warsaw studio

Lionbridge Games Opens New Studio in Warsaw

Lionbridge Games’ newly expanded Warsaw studio signals the company’s multiservice growth ahead of its 10th anniversary.

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