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For over a decade, Lionbridge Games has worked with IP developers and publishers to create original voiceovers and bring them to gamers around the world. Our producers orchestrate teams of casting directors, artistic directors, actors, translators, sound engineers and testers to convey unique stories and create powerful emotions and memories. 

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Narrative Design

For original or localized voice audio, our narrative design team helps project the core emotional elements of your game, including the creation of narrative assets. Our writing team ensures your scripts deliver in every line of audio, in every target language, for every kind of gamer. 


Game Voiceover

Our best-in-class Los Angeles studio for original version voiceovers will bring your game to life. We’ll bring our deep experience of working closely with games producers to deliver on the sound and character designs.


Script Translation

Our script doctors prepare script content after the source audio is available to ensure that great translation is also great dialogue. They also make sure the translation meets the timing and sync requirements for a smooth studio experience.


Audio Localization

With decades of experience in games audio localization into multiple languages, our teams deliver voice creation with our global network of studios and cutting-edge technology, giving boutique attentiveness to every line. 


Audio Mixing and Audio Mastering

Our studios worldwide offer top-rung talent and infrastructure to efficiently master dialogue and create consistent, high-quality cinematic mixes, bringing your creative vision to life in all target languages. 


Quality Assurance Testing

QA of game audio—executed in our highly secure labs to protect your IP—ensures that the player experience delivers on expectations. Our QA teams work closely with our linguists and audio teams to ensure bugs are resolved quickly and efficiently.


Performance Capture

We support motion capture projects with casting, on-stage recording, post-production and more. In the studio, our cutting-edge facial capture system grabs every nuance of up to four actors’ performances, creating data suitable for most animation systems. 


Creative Sound

Our sound effects specialists can make your games’ voices into whatever beasts or androids you might want, and do it across all languages. Our music supervisors have been responsible for original music in top-selling games, as well as localized music performances. 


Voiceover/Audio Testing

Our teams around the world identify audio defects and ensure consistency between subtitles and audio.

All Time Highs

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Great Voice Performance

Our seasoned audio team at Rocket Sound Studio in Los Angeles thrives on handling mission-critical AAA audio projects. Their track record with high stakes projects is unparalleled.


Game, Meet World

Our global audio teams pick up right after your VO production team creates the dialogues for your game. Our Lionbridge Games Cloud supports our audio teams in delivering the high-quality experiences your players deserve.


East to West

With the recent addition of our Rocket Sound studio in LA, we can support developers and publishers across Asia in delivering the full strength of their gaming experience to North American and English-speaking audiences.


Our global studio network helps customers create amazing voiceovers and bring them to gamers around the world.

Paris, France
Berlin, Germany
Barcelona, Spain
Warsaw, Poland
Milan, Italy
Los Angeles, USA
Bellevue, United States
Montreal, Canada
São Paulo, Brazil
Mexico City, Mexico
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Beijing, China
Bangkok, Thailand

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