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Our Player Experience services provide essential feedback to game developers, exposing your game to real-world conditions with our global crowd of over 80,000 gamers. Our player support, moderation services and community management help keep players engaged in and out of the game.

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Crowd Testing

Use our global crowd to gather large-scale feedback on your game. Our crowd can handle a wide variety of testing, including usability testing, stress testing, compatibility testing, multiplayer testing, in-country-testing, network connectivity and regional payment testing.

Community Management

Foster a global community for your game using our pool of skilled community managers who are as passionate as your gamers. We offer moderation services, proactive engagement and social media listening services, across every channel, in every language. 

Player Support

Our player support teams deliver a true omnichannel experience, created by seasoned agents who speak your players’ language. Choose an end-to-end managed services experience or let us supplement your existing team, wherever and whenever it is needed.

All Time Highs

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The Right Tester, Right Now

Stable games make for happy players. With a crowd of players around the globe, Lionbridge Games can help test your release in any setting you need.

Play to Win


Game, Meet World

Our global crowd of 80,000 gamers offers early independent critical feedback to let you know how your target audience receives your game, no matter what platform, region or demographic.

Customization for In-Market Services

Our services are fully customizable to meet your evolving needs in understanding player behavior and requirements, in market. This is enabled by the dozens of data points we capture for each gamer in our global crowd, meaning we can rapidly fulfill any need, as broad or as specific as necessary to meet your requirements.  

Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Voice

Whether your game is in pre-alpha or has been running for years, you need to be in lockstep with your gamers’ expectations. We will be your eyes, your ears, and your voice to build solid bridges with your gaming communities. 


Our global lab network helps customers bring exceptional gaming experiences to players around the world.

Berlin, Germany
Warsaw, Poland
Boise, United States
Bellevue, United States
Montreal, Canada
San Jose, Costa Rica
Yokohama, Japan
Beijing, China
Jinan, China
Bangkok, Thailand

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Game Guides and Cheat Codes

Global launches are difficult. Need help beating that boss and leveling up? Our guides and insider tips can help. 

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Game, Meet World: The Role of Players in Game Development from the Very Start

How do you prepare a game for the realities of release? You need testers who can play before the players in the wide world of games get to try it. Build your player community by accessing ours.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Game Testing and Game Play

Learn how AI-powered games testing will augment human testing to enhance quality assurance and ultimately elevate game play.

Tommy Lachambre, Lionbridge Gaming's Director of Player Experience

Meet the Pride: Tommy Lachambre

Meet Lionbridge Games' Director of Player Experience from Montreal, Canada.

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