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Our Player Support team provides a truly global omnichannel experience that enables gamers around the world to connect on any platform and in any language. Keep players engaged in your game with our end-to-end managed services, or as a supplement to your existing team.

Play to Win

Grow Your Reputation

Once your game is out there, requests for assistance from your players become the main interaction between them and your brand. The quality of your player support department will directly impact your retention metrics, community sentiment, and long-term success.

Learn From Your Players

Our Player Support agents are on the front line interacting with your customers and have deep insight into how they think, live, and play. This invaluable connection between your players and your brand ensures that you get feedback at every level to help you elevate the gaming experience.

Get It Right the First Time

The best support interactions come from two simple factors: speed and accuracy. Get your audience on your side by providing them with the help they need when they need it. Our agents will assist you with building and maintaining internal and public-facing knowledge bases, reducing the volume of incoming tickets, and ensuring a high first-contact resolution rate.

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Team Augmentation

Our global, multilingual customer service professionals will join your existing teams to support your needs for temporary ramp-ups or enable international expansion. Reach new markets and time zones with the help of Lionbridge Games.

Fully Managed Services

Making games is your mission — helping gamers is ours. Entrust us with all your support needs, from staffing and tool setup to reporting. We’ll take care of your players so you can focus on bringing your next big idea to life.

Smaⁱrt MT™ Integration

Sometimes you simply don’t need native agents. Smaⁱrt MT is a Lionbridge proprietary tool that combines the world’s top translation engines with direct Zendesk integration and deep customization for your specific glossaries. Remove all the hurdles for your players from around the world.

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Meet the Pride: Tommy Lachambre

Travel to Montreal to meet Lionbridge Gaming’s Director of Community and Crowd Services, Tommy Lachambre. Tommy has been in the games industry for over 13 years.

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