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Globally Connected
Test Infrastructure

Trust our experts around the world to help you design your test program and test your games in real time or around the clock. Our 10 labs are strategically located in key markets, and we continue to expand to new markets to adapt to growing demands. Additionally, our secure remote testing services can help you meet any challenge. We are the leader in hybrid testing for the modern games production cycle.  

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Functional Testing

Trust our test experts to design, write and execute test cases for your game, providing you the insights and expertise needed to release a game with strong performance, stability and balance. 

Certification Testing

Confidently certify your game on all platforms, supported by our subject matter experts every step of the way. 

Test Automation

Scale your program and make it more efficient with our teams of test automation engineers and our proprietary mobile automation solutions. 

Live Playtesting

Leverage our crowd of experienced players around the world to validate your gamer experience. 

Compatibility Testing

Ensure your game delivers a great experience to your audience by testing its compatibility on a vast inventory of hardware. 

Performance Testing

Verify how well your game is performing on vast number of different platforms and devices in all key games markets using specialized tools and processes. 


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Lionbridge Games New Full Test Center Opens in Yokohama

Lionbridge Games, the premier video game globalization and publishing services partner, announced today the opening of a new games lab in Yokohama, Japan.

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Testing Solutions Meet Global Scale

Our team of over 2,000 test experts supports your game development lifecycle with a full suite of testing services from inception to delivery that we execute in our ISO 27001:2013/27701:2019 certified labs around the world. We are the first Language Services Provider to secure this certification, emphasizing our commitment to preserving our customers’ trust.

Testing in Your Time Zone

You focus on development, while our testers give you immediate feedback. Our labs are strategically located in all key markets and regions, and on the cloud, which allows our schedules to be synced to your development efforts.

Follow-the-Sun Testing

Experts in our connected global network of secure labs test your game 24/7 to help accelerate your test cycles or meet rapid evolutions in requirements. This infrastructure also offers redundancy to ensure testing continuity when unexpected events occur, and can be done in a virtual environment.  

Insights at the Core

We use real-time insights and analytics to inform our test strategies and resource allocation decisions, helping you to maximize testing efficiencies.

Automation Augments Human Testing

Increase your test program scalability and efficiency with our engineering and proprietary mobile automation solutions

Meet Our Integrated Services Team

Opt for our integrated services model to reduce your management workload and accelerate your go-to-market timeline while remaining cost-efficient. So, you can release your game with full confidence in its quality from one single partner. 


Our global lab network helps customers bring exceptional gaming experiences to players around the world.

Berlin, Germany
Warsaw, Poland
Boise, United States
Bellevue, United States
Montreal, Canada
San Jose, Costa Rica
Mexico City, Mexico
Yokohama, Japan
Beijing, China
Jinan, China
Bangkok, Thailand

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Global launches are difficult. Need help beating that boss and leveling up? Our guides and insider tips can help. 

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Lionbridge Expands Global Testing Capabilities with New Chinese Gaming Labs

As gaming markets expand, studios need to offer more languages to entice gamers. How can you capture new mobile players? In-country localization.

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Lionbridge Games Expands China Capabilities in Functional Test, Localization Test, Localization

To better serve customers in every market, Lionbridge now has gaming labs in multiple Chinese cities. Find out how this can help you create better gaming experiences.

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Take Your Game Testing to the Next Level

What does it take to be an excellent game tester? Keeping up with today's fast-paced video game industry is no easy task. Download our eBook to find out how Lionbridge nevertheless provides our customers top-quality game testing and game localization services.

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