Lionbridge Games Expands China Capabilities in Functional Test, Localization Test, Localization

Expansions in Jinan, Beijing increase local capacity for customers, global capacity and follow-the-sun capabilities

As part of its mission to deliver world class games services to customers around the globe, Lionbridge Games recently completed the expansion of its Localization and Testing labs in Jinan and Beijing. Thanks to this growth, Lionbridge Games China is now able to offer a full suite of scalable Functional Testing, Localization Testing and Localization services to our Chinese market customers and stand ready to support our European, Asian and American customers for their initiatives in the Chinese market.

Our Jinan and Beijing test and localization labs are complemented by our Taipei studio for full Greater China capabilities.

Lionbridge Games Managing Director Tugdual Delisle spoke about the importance of studios in multiple locations.

Why are you excited about these new capabilities in China?

We have listened to our customers and we’re creating something quite unique—a global network of labs and studios connected by best processes and state-of-the-art real-time communication and knowledge sharing tools, on a secure infrastructure. Not to mention our great talent, which is fundamental of course! This gives us the ability to offer support locally to our customers, to work around the clock (follow-the-sun) or simultaneously on the same project or game to help our customers reach all their critical milestones. It’s taking us to the next level. We have more global integrated scale—and we’re more regional and more local. We’re serving customers in every key development zone: Asia, North America, Latin America and Europe. As a test and localization organization, we’re becoming whole to help our customers strategically.

What is the role of China in your strategy?

Our Chinese customers have told us that they need a partner who is close to them and understands their games, their processes and their culture in depth in order to help them conquer the hearts and minds of Asian and Western gamers. This is why, as a leader in our space, we have built world class, multidisciplinary capabilities and talent in Greater China—we aspire to be our Chinese customers’ gateway to the world.

As a corollary, our European, American and Asian customers outside China need a partner with deep knowledge of the Chinese market. We’re very excited to have in-market capabilities to support them in increasing their share of that market.

Where else are you investing in new capabilities?

We already have key test centers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Over the last months, we have opened a new lab in Berlin to complement our Warsaw flagship office at the heart of Europe and have recently expanded our presence in the Americas with our new Montreal lab to complement our Americas’ presence in Costa Rica, Seattle and Boise.

We are also planning further expansion in Asia, with Japan and Korea in mind.

We have a mission to be wherever and whenever our clients need. We’re excited to grow our presence in more and more global gaming markets like China to create even stronger local and regional connections with our customers.

Above all, I want to highlight our investments in our people. We are really proud of our team and I invite you to read our Meet the Pride series to meet some of our key team members. In addition, we are also investing in technology: with our QUASU acquisition, we are planning to bring even more efficiency and scalability to our customers.

How has COVID-19 influenced your decisions and strategy? 

Fortunately, our global strategy has always recognized the importance of in-region and in-country test labs. The coronavirus pandemic reinforced the need for more discrete studios. We need to be prepared to constantly adjust to local and global events outside of our control and a global multi-lab infrastructure in a key tool in our quiver. We now have at least two labs in every key region, making our Games unit at large stronger and more resilient to world events. 

We also continue to offer our clients and our testing teams remote work capabilities, which has made us more flexible and resilient. It has also helped our teams continue to deliver their excellent work to our customers around the world in a safe fashion. 

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