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Our passionate gamers and testers selected for their deep linguistic expertise bring the finishing touch to your game in connected regional and local labs around the world. We work across all genres and platforms, on premise and remotely, to ensure your game has a successful global player experience. 

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Language Testing

Our localization testers execute your game prior to launch to ensure that the experience of the localized versions matches the high quality of the original version.

Terminology Certification Testing

We identify localization issues that can fail certification so you can deliver the localized game to market the first time. 

Market Relevance Testing

Our localization testing services are delivered by native testers who are fully immersed in the cultural and linguistic background of our target markets and identify possible geopolitical and cultural challenges.

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Synergy and Savings: Integrating Translation, Audio and Localization QA Tasks

How can sourcing your translation, audio recording, and localization QA from one integrated team save time and money?

Play to Win

Local Cultures, Global Scale

We have built interconnected regional teams of over 200 passionate gamers in key games markets around the world to deliver a full suite of localization and language testing services that aim at delivering a truly local game experience. Our native speakers all work in our secure ISO 27001:2013/27701:2019 certified test labs. We are the first Language Services Provider to secure this certification, emphasizing our commitment to preserving our customers’ trust. 

Integrated but Independent

At all stages, our localizations teams are independent judges of a game’s quality. However, to help our customers release games more efficiently, we have developed an end-to-end localization quality assurance process where our testers are in close contact with our localization and audio teams to answer queries, align on terminology and solve bugs rapidly, without constant customer intervention. 

Insights at the Core

We use real-time insights and analytics to inform our test strategies and resource allocation decisions, helping you to maximize testing efficiencies.


Our global lab network helps customers bring exceptional gaming experiences to players around the world. 

Berlin, Germany
Warsaw, Poland
Boise, United States
Bellevue, United States
Montreal, Canada
San Jose, Costa Rica
Yokohama, Japan
Beijing, China
Jinan, China
Bangkok, Thailand

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