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Eliminate uncertainties in the game development process. Player feedback and real-world data can help you validate design choices and gameplay mechanics, improving the user experience. Make informed decisions and craft unforgettable gaming experiences.

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One Crowd, Multiple Options.

Remote-based testing platform

Next-Gen, Real-world Testing

Our self-service, remote-based testing platform provides a seamless playtest experience in the wild at market-leading prices. Get automated, data-driven insights and feedback on concepts and gameplay designs delivered in real time. 

Global gaming crow

Unique Solutions for Unique Projects

Get access to a crowd of 450,000+ passionate gamers from 190+ countries with as much or as little support as you need. From indie studios to AAA publishers, we offer testing solutions for projects of any scale.

Experienced team

Managed Services for Your Toughest Missions

Whether it's additional vetting of crowd participants, secure in-lab playtesting, or simply a guiding hand, some projects require more support than others. When you need more deliverables, more customization, and more reporting, our experienced project managers will create tailored solutions to meet your ever-evolving needs.


Games User Research

The full power of the Lionbridge Games crowd, all from a secure, in-lab environment. Drill down to the specifics and receive qualitative feedback from a hand-picked pool of players filtered by demographics, interests, and ability to articulate criticism. Our experts will prepare questions for testers, conduct player interviews, and analyze the results to provide you with an in-depth look at how users interact with your game.


Get your game out into the wild and find out what real players think. With our global crowd of over 450,000 testers, you can get qualitative feedback straight from the source. Watch how users interact with your product and uncover valuable insights into usability, fun-factor, player onboarding, and more to make sure your game is optimized for your target market.

Server Load testing

Can your servers handle the full scale of your player base? Our global crowd of testers is ready at a moment's notice to help you identify your infrastructure limitations. Whether you need hundreds or thousands of concurrent players, we'll help you get an accurate understanding of how your game will perform upon release.

In-Country Network and Connectivity

Capture the technical realities of actual players around the world and evaluate your game's accessibility under different circumstances. We'll connect you with your target user base so you can assess loading times, network stability, and download speeds with varying providers and on different hardware, even in the most fringe locations. Get results quickly and easily with our instantly generated reports.

Multiplayer and Balance Testing

Make sure your game supports the full breadth of your user base. Evaluate lobby behavior, matchmaking, and game balance at scale through the eyes of real players in varying locations. Get actionable performance data to ensure they get the experience they deserve.

Real-World Compatibility

Not every gamer has the ultimate setup. We'll connect you with real players around the world to test your game on their hardware, software, and network. See how typical users will experience your game to make sure it performs in the hands of your players as it does in your studio. 

Play to Win

An Answer for Every Question

Asking the right questions at the right time makes all the difference. With years of testing experience, we'll guide you through the What, When, and How to ensure you get valuable insights at every step of the development process.

Feedback Without Borders

A game that is not tested “out there” is a gamble — don't leave anything to chance. Our team will help avoid day one incidents and deliver a market-vetted product on the first try.

An Audience From Day 0

Get your game out into the world and get a head start on building your community as a no-cost bonus. Your early adopters are in our crowd, just waiting to be exposed to your next masterpiece. 

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The Right Tester, Right Now

All the key information about our Crowd Testing Services, in one picture. Read the infographic to find out all the ways we can help.

Featured Articles

Global launches are difficult. Need help beating that boss and leveling up? Our guides and insider tips can help. 

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Crowd Testing Services I: Technical Performance

See how quantitative technical tests can prepare your games for public release. The Lionbridge Games crowd means access to scores of regions, platforms, hardware and more.

Player Centricity: The Role of Players in Game Development from the Very Start

How do you prepare a game for the realities of release? You need testers who can play before the players in the wide world of games get to try it. Build your player community by accessing ours.

Player Experience: Are You Player-Centric Enough?

Feedback from real players before your games release or update gives your studio a sneak preview into how your gamers will react. Get key insights with our crowd.

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