A New Cloud Platform for Games Audio

Simplifying collaboration and project management

After many years in which audio production for games has largely remained unchanged, the deployment of new technology for audio is accelerating. Lionbridge Games is proud to be a part of these emerging cutting-edge technologies with the cloud deployment of an audio platform: Lionbridge Games Cloud for Audio. Built from the ground up for Games audio localization, Lionbridge Games Cloud for Audio connects global studios in real-time, integrates diverse specialist teams, better secures customer IP and improves program governance.

Simplify Script, Audio and Metadata Management  

As major projects get bigger and the localization audio recording window seems to grow smaller, we needed a solution to simplify script and asset management. So we developed a system to ensure clean optimized recordings and improve our ability to respond rapidly to late changes in source audio across our studio network. Our cloud solution can rapidly import and diff updates to assets and deploy the update in real-time to all our teams and studios. No more messy spreadsheet management; everyone is reading from the same page.

Different Teams Work Simultaneously   

Script doctors, engineers, testers, even multiple recording teams in different booths can all collaborate on the same language version at the same time, in the same toolset. Simultaneous editing not only removes errors that can arise in combining multiple scripts or sending competing versions, it also creates a collaborative space. These different specialists can share and communicate to build the deep product knowledge that is essential to great localized audio. The Lionbridge Games Cloud supports overlapping workflows with linguists performing as rec checks (or even a last-minute translation of an urgent update!) while the team are recording in the studio.

Improved Security for Your IP 

Security is an increasing concern for many creators of high value content. Located on our secure servers, behind an API security layer, and protected by 2-Factor Authentication, your IP data is safe and accessible only to the teams assigned to your project. 

Project Tracking and Deep Data 

Whether you are a customer managing a project, a project manager overseeing the progress of a dozen target languages, or an engineer that wants to track her day’s work, getting visibility into the status of an ongoing audio project has always been arduous. With Lionbridge Games Cloud for Audio, we can access: 

  • Overall measures for progress to completion, readiness to record, and unresolved issues, based on multiple factors, for each project, language or character
  • The exact status of every line to record in every language as it progresses through the workflow 
  • Breakdown of line and word counts content by recording type or workflow status for each project language, voice talent or character
  • Breakdown of issues by type, status and severity for each project language or character 
  • Analytics with numerous indicators, such as values for speaking rate, file sizes, detailed data on in-studio productivities with different recording types 

We want to know everything. Our Games Cloud dashboard provides an exact picture of the status, health and progress of projects, target languages, individual characters and audio files. Analytics provide detailed insights into the recording process to drive optimization and support program governance. 

A Games Localization Audio Production Platform, In the Cloud 

Standardization of audio assets and metadata provides the foundation for our integrated tools and automations that reduce human error and free up teams to focus on creative tasks. That same approach simplifies connectivity with customer systems and readiness for the emerging speech and audio technologies that will contribute to the pipeline.  

The Games Cloud already integrates speech-to-text functionality for script vs audio mismatch support, and speech synthesis is on the roadmap. Lionbridge Games Cloud for Audio is our commitment to the emerging technologies that are a bright part of the changing world of games audio. Want to see how our forward-thinking teams can help yours? Get in touch with us.

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David Rodriguez