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Ensure your storytelling crosses cultural borders to resonate with gamers all over world while respecting local political and cultural sensibilities. Our Narrative Design team takes a whole-game approach across visuals, text, and audio content, and can build out the creative assets to inform your processes.

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The Whole Game

Our experienced game writing team has worked on numerous mega titles and takes a holistic approach to each title and franchise, bringing expert understanding to UI, story elements, audio dialogue, and on-screen elements. 

Cross Cultural Borders with Confidence

Reduce the risk of crossing borders by ensuring that your game is compliant and respectful of local political and cultural sensitivities.

Build Strong Player Communities

Our expertise in crafting inclusive stories and characters can attract and delight engaged communities who see their values represented in your games.

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Narrative Design and Polishing

Level up your original and localized content with strong narrative elements, enhanced characterizations, and crisp writing that impacts the target audience the way you intend. 

Culturalization and Geopolitical Review

Cross borders with confidence: Our cultural and political reviewers will remove hard-to-detect transgressions and ensure you build supportive player communities everywhere.

Design and Creation Documentation

Lore docs, character bibles, glossaries, style guides, and more. We document the creative core of your games to ensure a coherent vision is projected by all teams. 

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English as a Pivot Language: Going Out of Style or An Eternal Classic?

Traditionally, translation has used English as a pivot language to switch from the source language to the target language. But is that the most efficient system for games audio recording?

Featured Articles

Global launches are difficult. Need help beating that boss and leveling up? Our guides and insider tips can help. 

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The Changing World of Games Audio

Lionbridge expert Nicolas Underwood discusses how localization in video games has changed and the expanded role of LSPs in production and release.

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Narrative Game Design for Every Audience

Narrative Designer Kendall Deacon Davis solves problems for clients who don’t just want their games to survive in other cultures—they want them to thrive.

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Diverse Representation in Audio for Games

Authentic characters in games require authentic voices. Recently, Lionbridge has been tasked with recording broader selections of languages and identities. We are proud to provide diverse voice talents to help your games be as true to life as possible.


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