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to Life

Our studios worldwide offer top-rung talent and infrastructure to efficiently master dialogue and create consistent, high-quality cinematic mixes, bringing your creative vision to life in all target languages.

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Industry Expertise

With 20 years of experience on major game titles, we have vast stores of knowledge to ensure that every language sounds the way you intend. 

Integrated Teams

Our teams follow every step of game audio production, so the audio mixer brings the experience of the studio into the mixing session and knows exactly how each scene works.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our unique technology can batch process and test every file to match the levels of the source file. Every whisper, every scream, at the exact levels you intended.

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Whether it’s cinematic voice tracks or a full remix for songs or special effects, mixes in our 7.1 studios get you as close to the original feeling as you can get.


A combination of cutting-edge automation and native-speaking engineers ensures that every line is crisp, audible, and polished.

Sound Effect-Processing

Create, recreate, or apply voice effects using a selection from our hundreds of high-end plugins.

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The Changing World of Games Audio

Lionbridge expert Nicolas Underwood discusses how localization in video games has changed and the expanded role of LSPs in production and release.

Game Guides and Cheat Codes

Global launches are difficult. Need help beating that boss and leveling up? Our guides and insider tips can help. 

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Supporting Global Audio for Emerging Game Markets

As gaming markets expand, studios need to offer more languages to entice gamers. How can you capture new mobile players? In-country localization.

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Automation in Games: Efficiency in a Creative Industry

Automation is often seen as the enemy of creativity, but the two can actually work together. Minimizing repetitive, boring tasks can actually free up time and mental energy for games creators.

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A New Cloud Platform for Games Audio

Lionbridge Games Audio Cloud offers simultaneous editing and expanded data tracking.

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