Games Localization and Audio for the German Market

Captivating Europe's Biggest Market

mouse-power, a Lionbridge Games studio, has delivered German video game localization on some of the most prestigious game franchises out there, delighting gamers since 1999.

From its recording and localization studios in the heart of Berlin, the mouse-power team has decades of experience reliably supporting high-stakes projects with demanding artistic and technical needs.

From casual games to AAA blockbusters, our language and audio craftsmen can ensure your titles captivate German players as a standalone service, or as a part of Lionbridge Games integrated offerings.

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Our state-of-the-art studios in Berlin capitalize on Germany’s largest concentration of professional voice talents to record actor performances for AAA games.

Studio capabilities include:

  • Large-scale, coordinated production across multiple studios
  • Ensemble recording capabilities
  • Remote recording with flexible routing of audio and video
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All Time Highs

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Lionbridge Acquires mouse-power

Lionbridge Games acquires localization and sound services company mouse-power to bolster video game services for the German market.

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A selection of recent titles localized and recorded at Lionbridge Games studio mouse-power

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Synergy and Savings: Integrating Translation, Audio and Localization QA Tasks

Multitasking gets a bad rap, but when it comes to games audio, teams working together across projects is ideal. How can combining translation, audio recording and localization QA save time and money?

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The Changing World of Games Audio

Lionbridge expert Nicolas Underwood discusses how localization in video games has changed and the expanded role of LSPs in production and release.

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Diverse Representation in Audio for Games

Authentic characters in games require authentic voices. Recently, Lionbridge has been tasked with recording broader selections of languages and identities. We are proud to provide diverse voice talents to help your games be as true to life as possible.

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