Great Dialogue Enables Actors ⁣ to Perform

Accurate and
Compelling Dialogue
— In Any Language

Our game script doctors prepare content once the source audio is available to ensure that great translation is also great dialogue. They also make sure the translation meets the timing and sync requirements for a smooth studio experience.

Play to Win

Expert Script Doctors

Our most experienced translators become script doctors. It takes the best to ensure great dialogue and a smooth recording experience that optimizes studio time.

Software Built to Task

Script doctors work in purpose-built software that facilitates adaptation to time constraints and enables easy communication with the project’s voice director.

Machine Augmented Accuracy

We track every studio change and deploy STT-processes in support of human checks to ensure that every line of post-recording script exactly matches the final audio file.

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Script Translation

Our expert translators know your project inside and out, and they work to evoke the same powerful emotions you built into your original story.

Script Adaptation

We check and adapt the translation against the source audio to create compelling dialogue that meets the recording constraints for synced and timed audio.

Post-Recording Script Verification

Every studio change is reviewed and approved by our script doctors to ensure consistency across the project and create error-free final scripts the match the audio.

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Synergy and Savings: Integrating Translation, Audio and Localization QA Tasks

How can sourcing your translation, audio recording, and localization QA from one integrated team save time and money?

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