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Smaⁱrt MT™, Lionbridge’s enterprise-grade Machine Translation (MT) solution, offers a wide range of options for human refinement. With the right quality-centric workflow decisions, Smaⁱrt MT can support virtually all your content, from in-game and out-of-game content to technical documents, player support, and player chat. Localize everything efficiently and accurately with MT to simplify your entry into new markets.

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World Leader in Games Machine Translation (MT)

With over 20 years of MT experience, Lionbridge has machine-translated billions of words and trained nearly 3,000 MT engines. Leverage our Smaⁱrt MT platforms — created by experts and customizable by you to get the best possible outcomes for your needs.

Human Refinement by Games Experts

Our Smaⁱrt MT solutions offer a customizable range of human post-editing options so you can refine MT output to meet your quality criteria.

MT Engines Trained By You, For You

Smaⁱrt MT is available through our managed services, self-service document portal, and real-time API, allowing you to quickly obtain an MT output from the solutions trained on your content and unique needs.

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Hybrid Smaⁱrt MT Workflows

Our best-of-breed Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Solutions work with translation memories and post-editing options to provide quality AI translations with a human touch. When paired with games experts, our Smaⁱrt MT workflows ensure that your content is accessible and relevant in every market.

Smaⁱrt MT Engine Training & Customization

Our proprietary solution harnesses the best NMT engines for each language pair and content type. We can train selected engines on your legacy content and provide an additional layer of advanced MT customizations. Put your trained engine to use via our managed services, self-service document portal, or our real-time API, which integrates seamlessly with your games and services to enable live MT.

Smaⁱrt MT Portal

Our Smaⁱrt MT Portal gives you easy access to generic and custom-trained NMT solutions for a wide array of file types. The portal also gives you the ability to manage your own glossaries and DNT terms on the fly.

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