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In the Game,
Even When You’re Not

Out-of-game content lets your players continue their journey even when they're not playing. Our specialists treat your marketing and web content with the same expertise and dedication as your in-game content to keep audiences engaged at every touchpoint — we'll take care of your business, legal, technical, and complex multimedia needs.

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Adjacent Games Services

Working with us means that every part of your journey is backed by the trusted, world-class services of Lionbridge Games. Enjoy seamless access to leading legal, technical, and marketing resources, all through one vendor.

Shared IP knowledge

We’re committed to your IP. Lionbridge Games assigns the same coordinators, translation memories, style guides, and expertise to both your in-game and out-of-game content, ensuring that your brand voice is consistent across all your different media.

Easy Self-Service Portal

With our customer service portal, translation requests can come from any department. Customizable dashboarding allows each of your teams to track their work through one centralized hub and control access to sensitive content.

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Marketing & Web

Keep your branding consistent across all platforms — Lionbridge Games brings the same IP knowledge to all your assets.  Our games marketing experts bolster your online presence with market research and SEO to target a truly global audience.

Design & Technical Documents

Improve communications between your global teams with expert translation of your design and technical documentation. Whether it’s for your level design or graphics workflows, Lionbridge Games brings a wide array of industry expertise to your materials to ensure that everyone is reading from the same page.

Legal & Business Translation

From end-user agreements and business documents to sworn translations, contracts, and financial reports, the biggest companies in the world trust Lionbridge Games with their most sensitive content.

DTP & Image

Our desktop publishing services are seamlessly integrated into translation workflows to deliver stunning localized visual content in any format, at any scale, and on schedule.

Player-Generated Content

Our patented Smart MT solutions can be trained to work with your IP and embedded directly into your content. Power up your player chat and break down barriers between your communities with customized real-time translation.

Video, Subs, and Multimedia

Subtitles, captions, on-screen text, video-editing, voiceover, dubbing — no matter your needs, Lionbridge Games experts ensure that great translation is also great dialogue.

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