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Quality Assurance
from Studio
to In-Game

QA of game audio—executed in our highly secure labs to protect your IP—ensures that the player experience delivers on expectations. Our QA teams work closely with our linguists and audio teams to ensure bugs are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Quality Across all Languages

Our tech-supported human QA processes are shared across all languages so you can be sure that every audio file meets the same high level of quality.

Independent & Secure Test Teams

Operating in our highly secure testing labs, our independent LQA teams are trusted by the biggest publishing groups on the most prestigious IP.

Collaborative Resolution

Our LQA, Audio, and linguistic teams collaborate closely to ensure bugs are resolved quickly and efficiently, and to optimize schedules.  

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Pre-Delivery Audio QA

Our technology supports our human experts to ensure that every file meets all criteria before delivery, including performance, file format, duration constraints, levels, cleaning, and script and audio mismatches.

Standalone Audio LQA

Working in our secure test labs, our independent LQA teams conduct a standalone verification of audio files to identify technical, performance, and linguistic issues before integration into the game.

In-Game Audio LQA

Our independent LQA teams ensure that the player experience of a game lives up to expectations—all within our secure test labs. 

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Synergy and Savings: Integrating Translation, Audio and Localization QA Tasks

How can sourcing your translation, audio recording, and localization QA from one integrated team save time and money?

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Global launches are difficult. Need help beating that boss and leveling up? Our guides and insider tips can help. 

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Supporting Global Audio for Emerging Game Markets

As gaming markets expand, studios need to offer more languages to entice gamers. How can you capture new mobile players? In-country localization.

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Automation in Games: Efficiency in a Creative Industry

Automation is often seen as the enemy of creativity, but the two can actually work together. Minimizing repetitive, boring tasks can actually free up time and mental energy for games creators.

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A New Cloud Platform for Games Audio

Lionbridge Games Audio Cloud offers simultaneous editing and expanded data tracking.

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