Lionbridge Opens New Office in Barcelona

Supporting need for gaming localization and audio services

In the heart of vibrant Barcelona, you can now discover a new treasure. Last week, Lionbridge officially opened a new office in the Sant Gervasi-Galvany neighborhood.

No ordinary office

Our new space hosts a state-of-the-art sound studio for the Lionbridge Gaming team. This new studio features five recording and post-production rooms. Here, we gather with our customers in comfortable lounge areas to learn about their new ideas and projects. Together, we craft detailed plans to ensure they can realize their vision in every language and every market.


We’ve acoustically designed our studio rooms to provide a flat and dry response for every in-game situation. Plus, we’ve equipped them with audio equipment of the highest standards. In short: our audio studio is open and (more than) ready for business.

Supporting Gaming Services in Spanish

This new industry-leading studio aims to support a growing need for localization and audio services in Spanish. With that in mind, we’ve strategically located the office in Catalonia, a region that generates almost 50% of its income from the video games industry.  What's more, the new studio and team of in-house game experts will complement Lionbridge’s existing gaming solutions for customers and will be integrated into the company’s global audio release platform.


With this expansion, Lionbridge aims to grow closer to the booming Spanish language market. In this market, video games continue to be consumers’ first audiovisual entertainment medium of choice. According to Newzoo’s latest global report, the worldwide video game market has increased a remarkable 10.9%, from $108.9 million revenue in 2017 to $134.9 million in 2018.

Follow-the-Sun Studios

As we’ve noted before, we’re developing studios in response to language and regional demand from gamers themselves. As the populations of Spanish-speaking and European gamers grow, we’re confident our new Barcelona studio will help meet the needs of game developers and publishers.

Why does our growing constellation of in-region studios help our customers? For a few reasons. For one, working on games in the regions in which they will ultimately be played has both time-to-market and quality benefits for clients. Our new studio in Barcelona allows us to work in real-time with developers and publishers based in Europe. Furthermore, when our customers release updates and new features daily, our proximity to them allows us to match their speed and scale.

Plus, the regional presence of our audio and localization labs means local linguistic and cultural accuracy are deeply embedded in the work we do. The services we provide in our Barcelona studio will have the full support, speed, and scale of the global Lionbridge brand. What's more, they will equip customers with the local Spanish flavor they want and need.

With the opening of our Barcelona studio, Lionbridge Gaming’s presence just keeps growing. We’re excited to break down barriers and build bridges with Spanish customers today and in the future.

Are you a game publisher or developer seeking to penetrate the Spanish market? Reach out to us today and find out how you can level up your next project.

Interested in joining our Barcelona-based team? We’re hiring!

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