Webinar: Designing Testable Games

An overview of testing

Designing a game to be testable is crucial to quality assurance. But what, exactly, makes a game testable? How do control, observation, understanding and isolation inform developers’ approach to testing? 

Answering these questions properly means better testing, which leads to better games. From technical elements like installation on different systems to examining user interface, testing is critical to prepare for your first launch. But it doesn’t stop there. Ongoing testing informs new features and versions for a better gaming experience. 

Lionbridge Games experts Marcin S and Michael Friend will speak to the fine points of game testing in this upcoming webinar. They will discuss how testing works and when automation is a better choice than human testing, as well as the return on investment for that automation. They’ll also discuss the toolbox for testing as well as the specifics for how to write testable code. 

Join us to learn tips and tricks for testing your games to make your next release a success.


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