Calling All Game-Lovers: Exciting Career Opportunities

Are you game to join our pride?

At Lionbridge, we’re relentless in our quest for excellence, whether we’re transforming words so they resonate around the world; testing products to make sure they work for everyone, everywhere; or training machines to be smarter and more human. That means we’re always looking for talented, passionate candidates who can lend us their skills.

We now have several exciting openings in sales and business development on the Lionbridge Games & Entertainment team. If the following descriptions sound like you, we want to know—we might have the perfect opportunity for you.

1. You are passionate about games and entertainment 

One of Lionbridge’s biggest differentiators for gaming clients is also one of our most compelling assets for our team members, each of whom is an active and passionate gamer. It’s important to us to employ individuals who instinctively understand the challenges our gaming and entertainment clients face, who relish the opportunity to solve their problems, and who are excited to be part of a like-minded community each and every day. We know that no one serves gamers like a gamer, which is why we’re committed to offering our clients the heightened level of understanding and service that accompanies passion—and levels up the fun for our team in the process.

As part of our team, you’ll work closely with some of the leading video game and entertainment companies in the world. It’s an exciting opportunity for everyone interested in innovation and progress, but it’s particularly attractive for those already passionate about games.

2. You get things done 

Ours is an industry that’s growing—and fast. As an increasing number of people worldwide turn to their phones and video game consoles for entertainment, the gaming industry has expanded, and our team has scaled to keep pace. In the past year alone, we’ve expanded our reach tremendously, adding functional and localization QA labs in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Berlin in addition to our existing labs in Warsaw, Beijing, and Bellevue. We’re serving more clients and offering more services in more places. We expect that pace will only quicken in 2019.

And that means we need team members who work as fast as we do. We’re looking for people who not only survive in a fast-paced, quick-changing environment, but thrive in it. If that gets your heart racing with excitement, we want to hear from you.

3. You’re a people person

Across our team, the work we do is inherently focused on people. On a broad scale, our team helps game developers and publishers delight people around the world with games that entertain in every language and every market. As part of our team, you may be working in a B2B environment, but it’s an environment that ultimately thrills countless individual gamers on a daily basis.

And several key openings revolve around business development—the art and skill of generating and pursuing new leads and opportunities through personal interactions with leaders in the gaming space. If you genuinely love interacting with people who share your passion for games, this could be a perfect fit for your interests.

4. You’re inspired by a challenge

Growing a global organization is hard work. It is incumbent upon the members of our team to wear many hats and meet many challenges that allow for the fostering of positive, mutually beneficial relationships with clients who circle the globe.

In our company, we foster an attitude that embraces constant learning, growing, and striving to make new and existing clients happy. Our standards are high, and our most successful team members are inspired by the opportunities that commensurately accompany any challenges they face.

If you’ve been seeking a challenge in your current role or are ready to take on more responsibility, Lionbridge could be the perfect place for you.

5. You want to be part of a collaborative team 

No matter how exciting the content of your work, you may find it unfulfilling without the support of a united, collaborative team. At Lionbridge, we truly take pride in our people—our successes are shared and celebrated, and our challenges are tackled together. Every member of our global team is united by important commonalities: our love of games, our commitment to getting it right for the client, and our respect for one another.

If you’ve been looking to be part of a team like this, look no further. Ready to hear more about the opportunities on the Lionbridge Games & Entertainment team? Check out our current openings here or reach out directly to Danijela Pajevic, Senior Recruiter.

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