Lionbridge Gaming Opens Montreal Test Lab

 New locations increase redundancy and local capacity for customers

As part of its mission to deliver world class games services to its customers globally, Lionbridge Gaming has opened a new studio in Montreal. This studio – which follows a first quarter expansion in China – is a key milestone in a series of planned 2020 lab openings that offer increased regional, global and local capacity and capabilities redundancy. 

Those lab-based capabilities complement our proven work-from-home model, and together meet the industry’s need for a growing capability blend, the necessity of which was demonstrated vividly by the coronavirus pandemic. The Montreal studio is a full-service location offering Functional Testing, Localization Testing and Localization services. 

Lionbridge Gaming Managing Director Tugdual Delisle spoke about the importance of studios in multiple locations. 

Why does Lionbridge have test labs in multiple countries?

We are always expanding our test lab footprint because of the importance of customer proximity and IP regionalization. Our customers need a scaled solution in every region and key locales and we now have key test centers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, close to game development centers. In addition, because games should be adapted for local audiences, having support where game developers are publishing games and where their players actually play means we can help our customers deliver a more engaging product.

Montreal allows Lionbridge Gaming to engage customers in one of the largest gaming hubs in the world, create extended capabilities in North America and access an exceptional talent pool. We could not be more excited.

How has COVID-19 influenced your growth?

Fortunately, our global strategy has always recognized the importance of in-region and in-country test labs. The coronavirus pandemic reinforced the need for more discrete studios. We need to be prepared to constantly adjust to local and global events outside of our control and a redundant lab infrastructure in a key tool in our quiver. By adding a Montreal studio, we are adding another support beam to our global gaming infrastructure, making our Gaming unit at large stronger and sturdier.

We also continue to offer our clients and our testing teams remote work capabilities, which has made us more flexible and resilient, and helped our team continue to deliver their excellent work to our customers

Where else are test studios growing? 

Earlier in 2020, we expanded our presence in China by increasing our capacity in Beijing and Jinan. This is part of a larger Asian expansion that will include new labs in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. 

We’re also planning to continue to grow our capabilities in Latin America to expand our leadership in that region. 

We have a mission to be wherever and whenever our clients need us. We’re excited to grow our presence in more and more global gaming hubs like Montreal to create even stronger local and regional connections with our customers. 

Read more about Lionbridge Gaming expansions over the past several years.

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