Bring Your Sound Design to Life

Sound Effects,
Music, and Song
in Harmony

Our sound effects specialists can make your games’ voices into whatever beasts, aliens, or androids you might want—and do it across all languages (Klingon and Elvish, anyone?). Our music supervisors have been responsible for original music in top-selling games, as well as localized musical performances.

Play to Win

Trusted on the Biggest Titles

Our teams have over 10 years of experience working on major titles. We bring sound designs off the page and create sound experiences for players all over the globe.

The Whole Sound

Beyond voice recording, we bring song, music, and sound design together to realize the unique and coherent sound universe you’ve imagined—in every language.

Our Passion

Delivering a fantastic song performance or the sound that captures the entire mood of a scene is what drives our teams to excel. Our passion will reverberate throughout your game.

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Sound Effects

Create or recreate original vocal effects, or apply your presets with a full suite of industry plugins. We deliver exactly the sound you are looking for.

Song Performances

Our music directors select, coach, and direct actors to create standout musical performances. Songwriters carefully recreate lyrics to shine in the target language. 

Original Music

Supervise the creation of your original soundtrack and create music that matches the emotion and drama of your game. 

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Automation in Games Audio: Efficiency in a Creative Industry

Automation is often seen as the enemy of creativity, but the two can work together. Minimizing repetitive, boring tasks can free up time and mental energy for creative teams, as long as the creator remains in control.

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How can sourcing your translation, audio recording, and localization QA from one integrated team save time and money?

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Supporting Global Audio for Emerging Game Markets

As gaming markets expand, studios need to offer more languages to entice gamers. How can you capture new mobile players? In-country localization.


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Integrating Original and Loc Voice Creation

Uniting original voice creation with localized voiceover recordings is the latest production acceleration tool in the world of video games. How does a more simultaneous approach improve the result?

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