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The gaming market has gone global — allowing players to experience your content in their language is no longer optional. Whether you’re tackling emotional storylines, continuous releases, or complex technical constraints, Lionbridge Games has a solution to meet your game’s unique requirements.

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Your challenge is our passion. From arcane terminology and complicated technical content to inclusive language and complex concatenation rules, we have experts ready to deliver on all the qualities that make your game unique. 

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We understand the importance of your IP. That’s why we assign a dedicated team of language experts, project managers, and engineers to each title — our teams will know your IP like only you do.

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Our language technology platform improves collaboration, reduces errors, and minimizes turnaround times, while our customer dashboard means you can monitor exactly where your content is.

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Content Translation & Editing

Our in-game text localization services bring together creative translation, editing, and linguistic resources to deliver your content to new markets. Our loc engineers and experienced project managers are dedicated to ensuring your gaming experience reaches global audiences, with support for over 100 language pairs. 

Continuous Localization

Today’s rapid release cycles mean you need your localized content back faster than ever. Lionbridge Games provides follow-the-sun services and connector solutions to ensure your content is ready to go when you are.

Machine Translation with Post-Editing

Lionbridge is a world leader in Machine Translation and post-editing services with over 25 years of experience. Our MT and MTPE services for appropriate Games content can help manage costs and expand your global reach.

Script Translation and Adaptation

Our script translators prepare content after the source audio is available to ensure that great translation is also great dialogue. They make sure the translation meets the timing and sync requirements for a smooth studio experience.

Narrative Design & Culturalization

Ensure your storytelling crosses cultural borders to resonate with gamers all over the world while respecting local political and cultural sensibilities. Our Narrative Design team takes a whole-game approach across visuals, text, and audio content, and can build out the creative assets to inform your processes.

Glossary and Style Guide Creation

Our terminology and style guides ensure content is faithful to the original creative intention and adapted to the local audience in each market. As needed, our experts work closely with in-country gamer communities and in-market studio teams to make sure the translation conveys the original’s emotional relevance.

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English as a Pivot Language: Going Out of Style or An Eternal Classic?

Traditionally, translation has used English as a pivot language to switch from the source language to the target language. But is that the most efficient system for games audio recording?

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