Anyone’s Game: The Global Opportunity to Capture Female Gamers

5 Tips for gaming companies seeking to attract half the world

Though gaming used to be male-dominated, recent years have seen the gender gap shrink exponentially. Women make up nearly 50% of today’s gamers and even outnumber their male counterparts on certain platforms.  

So why are women still so underrepresented in the gaming industry? Despite the promising growth of this audience, female gamers still find themselves holding fewer executive positions, participating in fewer eSports events, and appearing in fewer leading video game roles.  

It’s more important than ever for game developers to cater to a female audience, but the task isn’t so simple. In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss what motivates female gamers, where to find them, and how game companies can ensure they’re not missing out on a pivotal group of passionate players.  

Join us in the movement to make a world where ALL gamers feel empowered to do what they love.   

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