Key Gaming Trends for 2022: A Conversation with Tugdual Delisle and Jaime Punishill

Listen as our CMO chats with the Lionbridge Games Managing Director to discuss key trends for 2022 in the rapidly evolving gaming industry 

More than ever before, gaming is playing a key role in building bridges across cultures and geographies. With almost three billion gamers worldwide, the industry is also leading the way in technical and business innovation, rapid mobile adoption, and globalization.

Join a conversation with Jaime Punishill, Lionbridge’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Tugdual Delisle, Manager Director for Lionbridge Games, to discover what’s next for the gaming industry. Gain insight into key trends in Asia, important lessons learned from entertainment phenomena such as Squid Game, and how the Metaverse is giving gamers and studios an edge in this new playing field. With games now routinely localized into 60+ languages, how does a quality-first mindset and a global network of in-market studios help developers and publishers capture the hearts and mind of gamers around the world? Learn how Lionbridge Games’ expansion in key markets like Berlin, Germany and São Paulo, Brazil is changing the face of games quality worldwide.

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