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Localization and Audio

Create locally relevant experiences, globally

Quality Assurance


Quality assurance and testing are essential if you want to develop and deliver reliable game experiences that meet and exceed your customers' expectations.

Our in-house talent works around the clock in centralized game production centers across Europe, North America, and Asia to maintain our record of quality, on-time and cost-effective game services.

Core Pillars


For LGS, software quality is the degree of conformance to our customers explicit and implicit (once we get to know you) requirements and expectations. We feel that it’s also our job to be your trusted advisor by introducing new and improved ways of delivering value.


A significant and unique way in which LGS delivers value to customers is through scale. By scaling geographically and via resource, LGS provides a continuity of quality services that enable greater throughput while focusing on delivering quality at the highest levels.


LGS operates its own secure private network for all projects including dedicated network infrastructure, with combined physical security layer. All project team members are trained in procedures for handling confidential information and assets.

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Partnering with the game industry to raise the bar

We Love Games: Lionbridge Game Services

At Lionbridge Game Services we love playing and testing games. We provide a full suite of end-to-end services to enable game studios to focus on getting products and services to market.

Words translated
Bugs squashed
HRS of Audio localized
WW in country Offices

selected portfolio


Naruto Shippudden

Guild Wars 2


Forza Motorsport

Sunset Overdrive

The Witcher 3

Kinect Sports Rivals

Microsoft Case Study: Read Here

Audio Production

Game Dialogue Localization

Lionbridge Game Services provides localized audio production that enables global reach and ensures the integrity of your emotional intent and storyline.

With an award winning, team that has produced a plethora of high-profile AAA titles on multiple platforms with premier studios worldwide.


GameForward is a show designed to engage with industry professionals, with a view to enabling a platform to discuss game/entertainment issues.

The intent for GameForward is to discuss
  • industry education & thought leadership
  • surface industry issues
  • identify industry trends

Let us know what you think about how we could improve the show, or if you would like to be on it:

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